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Did you know that silver fillings contain more mercury than actual silver? Dental amalgam, commonly known as silver fillings, can contain up to half mercury. As a mercury-free dentist, we recommend white composite fillings over traditional silver fillings. Not only do white fillings provide a more natural appearance, but they also strengthen the tooth and, most importantly, are mercury-free. Here is an example of an amalgam filling, also known as a silver filling. On the right, you can see the aesthetically pleasing white composite filling completed by a mercury-free dentist.

Composite Fillings are Mercury Free:

There’s a common perception among the public regarding potential safety concerns with “silver fillings” or amalgam fillings due to their mercury content. Contrary to their name, amalgam fillings contain more mercury than silver.
White composite fillings represent a more advanced dental technology compared to traditional silver fillings. In most cases, the preference leans towards white composite fillings. As a mercury-free dentist, we align with your preference for safer alternatives.

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— Tia D
“I was always apprehensive about dental treatments, especially concerning mercury fillings. But after switching to Valencia DC for mercury-free dentistry, I couldn’t be happier.”
— Robert S
“Valencia DC exceeded my expectations with their commitment to mercury-free dentistry. Their attention to detail and genuine concern for patient well-being are truly commendable.”

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Many individuals are unaware of how mercury is utilized in dentistry. It may come as a surprise to learn that silver amalgam fillings contain a significant amount of mercury. Mercury-free dentists are consistently concerned about the potential effects of mercury-containing fillings, hence their preference for alternatives.
Yes, mercury is indeed present in the human body, and it is known to be toxic. Scientific evidence has documented over 116 physical symptoms resulting from mercury exposure. Mercury can impact various organs and the overall functioning of the body.
Mercury-free alternatives like composite resin materials or ceramic porcelain are directly bonded to the teeth. Unlike metal fillings, composite and porcelain fillings are not temperature-sensitive and pose no risk of corrosion. They are more biocompatible, and comfortable, and can last for many years with proper oral care.

Absolutely. Mercury-free dentistry ensures safety while providing a more natural appearance and strengthening the teeth.