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Canker/Cold Sores

Banish cold sores with our gentle solutions as we promise to bring fast relief and healing with our expert solutions.
Get Relief for Canker Cold Sores at Valencia DC

Get Relief for Canker/Cold Sores at Valencia DC:

Experience relief from the discomfort of cankers and cold sores with the compassionate care of Valencia DC in Mesa. Our team recognizes the frustration these oral lesions can bring and is committed to offering effective treatment options to alleviate discomfort and promote healing.

Treatment for Canker/Cold Sores in Mesa:

At Valencia DC, we offer comprehensive treatment options for canker and cold sores to alleviate discomfort and promote healing. Our experienced dental professionals may recommend topical medications, such as antiviral creams or gels, to reduce pain and speed up the healing process.

We provide personalized care and guidance on proper oral hygiene practices to prevent further outbreaks. In some cases, we may prescribe oral medications to manage severe symptoms or recurrent outbreaks. Our goal is to address your individual needs and provide effective solutions to help you find relief from canker and cold sores.

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Schedule an Appointment for Canker and Cold Sore Treatment

If you’re dealing with canker sores or cold sores, don’t hesitate to reach out to Valencia DC. Our skilled dental team will conduct a thorough examination to understand your condition better and recommend personalized treatment options to ease your discomfort. Whether you prefer to call our office directly or use our convenient online booking system, we’re here to make scheduling easy for you.

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At Valencia DC, your safety is paramount. We adhere to strict safety measures to maintain a clean and hygienic environment for all patients. Rest assured, our experienced professionals use effective techniques and medications to provide relief from canker sores and cold sores.


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What Our Clients Say

— Fredrick L
“I’ve struggled with canker sores for years, but thanks to the treatment I received at Valencia DC, I finally found relief.”
— Johnny E
“Dealing with cold sores was always a hassle until I visited Valencia DC. Their personalized treatment plan made all the difference.”

Frequently Ask Question

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Canker sores, known as aphthous ulcers, form inside the mouth due to stress, injury, or certain foods, and aren’t contagious. Conversely, cold sores, caused by the herpes simplex virus, appear as fluid-filled blisters around the mouth or lips.
Typically, canker sores heal in one to two weeks without treatment, while cold sores may take around 7 to 10 days, progressing through stages like blistering and crusting. Individual factors, including immune system health and treatment efficacy, can influence healing time.
Treatment options include over-the-counter topical ointments, mouth rinses, or prescription medications, which alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and accelerate healing. At Valencia DC, our professionals evaluate your condition and recommend suitable treatments based on severity and frequency.
Though prevention isn’t guaranteed, maintaining good oral hygiene, avoiding triggers like stress or specific foods, and shielding your lips from excessive sunlight can diminish outbreaks’ frequency and severity.
For persistent or severe canker sores or cold sores, seeking dental care at Valencia DC is advisable. Our experienced professionals assess your condition, offer suitable treatments, and provide guidance on symptom management.