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Tobacco-free living is a healthier living. That’s what we believe and preach at Valencia DC. Join us to live a smoke-free life!
impact of smoking on oral halth

The Impact of Tobacco on Oral Health

At Valencia DC, we recognize the detrimental effects tobacco use can have on your oral health. Our committed team of dental experts is here to offer comprehensive care and guidance as you confront the challenges linked to tobacco consumption.
Prioritizing safe and affordable dental checkups, we aim to safeguard your smile’s health while addressing any specific oral health issues that may arise due to tobacco use. With a convenient location in Mesa, we’re prepared to support you on your path to improved oral health.

Harmful Effects of Tobacco on Your Oral Health:

Tobacco usage can significantly impact your oral health in various ways:

Delayed Healing:

Tobacco impedes the healing process, making it harder for your mouth to recover post-dental procedures or oral surgery.

Persistent Bad Breath:

Tobacco use contributes to chronic bad breath, affecting your confidence and social interactions.

Tooth Discoloration:

Tobacco can lead to stubborn teeth stains, diminishing their appearance and your smile's brightness.

Increased Gum Disease Risk:

Tobacco consumption heightens the likelihood of developing gum disease, a severe condition linked to tooth loss and other oral health complications.

Oral Cancer Risk:

Tobacco is a primary cause of oral cancer. Regular dental checkups are vital for early detection and swift treatment upon detecting any abnormalities.

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Schedule an Appointment for Tobacco-Related Oral Health

For tobacco users, regular dental checkups are essential to address potential oral health issues. To schedule an appointment focused on tobacco-related concerns, reach out to our friendly team at Mesa Clinic. We’re here to offer the support, guidance, and personalized treatment necessary to maintain good oral health while managing the effects of tobacco use.

Safe and Affordable Dental Checkups

At Valencia DC, your safety and comfort are our top priorities during dental checkups. Our experienced team is adept at handling tobacco-related dental concerns with care and professionalism. Regular checkups enable us to monitor the impact of tobacco use on your oral health, conduct thorough examinations, and provide appropriate treatments as required. We strive to ensure that your dental checkups are safe, comfortable, and affordable, helping you maintain optimal oral health while addressing tobacco-related challenges.

What Our Clients Say:

— Lisa Y
“Their expertise in handling tobacco-related oral health concerns gave me the confidence to address my smoking habits. Thanks a lot.”
— Marrie L
“I’ve been a long-time patient at Valencia DC, and their dedication to addressing tobacco-related oral health issues is unmatched.”

Frequently Ask Question

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Tobacco usage significantly affects oral health, heightening the risk of gum disease, oral cancer, teeth staining, delayed healing post-dental procedures, and persistent bad breath.
Absolutely, our dental team at Valencia DC is equipped to support and guide you in your journey to quit tobacco. We offer tailored strategies, resources, and recommendations to assist you in transitioning to a tobacco-free lifestyle.
For tobacco users, regular dental checkups are vital. We advise scheduling checkups every six months to monitor and address potential oral health issues promptly, given the increased risks associated with tobacco use.
Yes, tobacco use can impede the healing process and elevate the likelihood of complications post-dental procedures or oral surgeries. It’s crucial to disclose your tobacco use to your dentist to ensure appropriate precautions and care are taken.
While quitting tobacco is paramount for oral health improvement, certain effects like teeth staining and bad breath can be treated effectively.