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At Valencia DC, we appreciate the growing trend of oral piercings as a means of self-expression. While we celebrate the creativity they represent, it’s essential to acknowledge the potential risks involved. That’s why we provide a safe and expert oral piercing service, prioritizing your health and safety every step of the way.

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Considering an oral piercing? Trust the experienced hands at Valencia DC. Our team is well-versed in safe oral piercing practices, adhering to stringent sterilization and infection control measures. From selecting the ideal piercing location to offering post-piercing care instructions, we prioritize your well-being at every stage. Schedule your appointment today via phone or our convenient online system, and let us ensure a safe and seamless piercing experience tailored to your schedule.

Prioritize Your Oral Piercing Health with Regular Checkups

At Valencia DC, we’re committed to your safety, especially when it comes to oral piercings. We recognize the potential risks involved and recommend regular dental checkups to monitor your piercing’s health and address any concerns promptly. Our skilled professionals offer personalized care to safeguard your oral health, ensuring accessibility through insurance partnerships and affordable options for all. Trust us to keep your smile—and your piercing—healthy and vibrant.

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— Heather Z
“Getting my oral piercing at Valencia DC was such a breeze! The staff made sure I felt comfortable and informed throughout the entire process.”
— Tina Y
“From the moment I walked in, I felt welcomed and supported. The team took great care of me, and my piercing turned out exactly how I wanted.”

Frequently Ask Question

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Oral piercing involves the insertion of jewelry into various parts of the mouth, such as the tongue, lips, cheeks, or uvula. Common oral piercings include tongue piercings, lip piercings (labret, Monroe, or snake bites), and cheek piercings.
While oral piercing is a common form of self-expression, it comes with potential risks such as infection, swelling, nerve damage, tooth chipping or fracture, and gum recession. However, with proper hygiene practices and professional care, many risks can be minimized.
Healing times for oral piercings vary depending on the location and individual healing ability. Generally, oral piercings take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks to heal fully. Tongue piercings may take longer, often up to 4 to 6 weeks, due to the high movement and saliva production in the mouth.
Proper aftercare is essential for oral piercing healing and to prevent complications. This includes rinsing with saline solution or non-alcoholic mouthwash after meals and before bed, avoiding smoking, alcohol, and spicy foods, and practicing good oral hygiene by gently brushing the piercing site and teeth twice daily.

Initially, eating and speaking may be challenging due to swelling and discomfort. Soft foods and liquids may be easier to consume during the first few days. As swelling subsides and the piercing heals, normal eating and speech patterns should return, although certain actions, like clicking a tongue piercing against teeth, should be avoided to prevent damage.