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Yes. We know how to reveal your best smile because we apply some advanced bleaching techniques that really work!

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At Valencia Dental Care in Mesa, we recognize the transformative power of a bright, confident smile. That’s why we offer premium teeth whitening services to help you achieve the radiant smile you desire.

With our teeth whitening services in Mesa, you can expect personalized care tailored to your unique needs. Whether you prefer in-office treatments or at-home kits, we have options to fit your lifestyle. 

Our in-office procedures are performed by our skilled dental professionals in a safe, controlled environment, ensuring optimal results. Alternatively, if you prefer the convenience of whitening your teeth at home, we can provide you with a customized take-home kit and comprehensive instructions for use

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Transform your smile with our professional bleaching services at Valencia Dental Care. Our experienced dentists specialize in safe and effective teeth whitening techniques to give you a brighter, more confident smile.

During your appointment, our team will assess your current tooth shade and discuss your desired results. Whether you prefer in-office treatments or take-home kits, we have options tailored to fit your lifestyle. With our professional bleaching services, you can achieve noticeably whiter teeth that last.

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Safe and Affordable Dental Checkups

At Valencia Dental Care, we prioritize your oral health with safe and affordable dental checkups. Regular checkups are essential for maintaining a beautiful smile and overall well-being.

During your visit, our caring team will conduct a thorough examination of your teeth and gums, checking for any signs of cavities or gum disease. We also perform professional cleanings to remove plaque, tartar, and surface stains, keeping your smile bright and healthy.

With our commitment to excellent dental care, you can trust Valencia Dental Care to keep your teeth and gums in top condition. Schedule your dental checkup with us today!

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What Our Clients Say

— Layla D

“I’m amazed at the results! My smile is brighter than ever, and I feel so much more confident. Thank you for giving me back my smile!”

Austin M
— Genelia J

“The process was painless, and the results were fantastic. I couldn’t be happier with my whiter, brighter smile!”

Frequently Ask Question

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Teeth bleaching, also known as teeth whitening, is a cosmetic dental procedure that involves lightening the color of your teeth to achieve a brighter and whiter smile. It helps remove stains and discoloration caused by factors such as food and beverage consumption, tobacco use, aging, and certain medications.

Yes, tooth bleaching is a safe procedure when performed under the supervision of dental professionals. At Valencia Dental Care, we utilize safe and effective bleaching techniques to minimize any potential risks or side effects. Our experienced dentists will assess your oral health and recommend the most appropriate bleaching method for you.

The longevity of teeth bleaching results can vary depending on various factors such as oral hygiene practices, diet, lifestyle habits, and individual characteristics. With proper care and maintenance, the effects of teeth bleaching can last for several months to a few years. Periodic touch-up treatments may be recommended to maintain your desired level of whiteness.

While teeth sensitivity is a possible side effect of teeth bleaching, it is usually temporary and resolves on its own. Our dental professionals take precautions to minimize sensitivity and discomfort during the bleaching process. If you do experience sensitivity, we can provide you with desensitizing treatments or recommend toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth.