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From gentle care to soothing environments, we’re committed to helping you overcome dental anxiety at our clinic in Mesa.
How We Treat Dental Anxiety in Mesa

How We Treat Dental Anxiety in Mesa?

Have you ever felt anxious or uneasy during a dental appointment, experiencing sweaty palms or even dizziness? Dental anxiety is incredibly common, but at our practice, your comfort is our priority. We create a warm and calming environment to help alleviate any feelings of stress or fear.

To better understand your needs and concerns, we take the time to listen to you and tailor our approach accordingly. Our exam rooms are equipped with a second monitor, allowing you to watch videos, and DVDs, or listen to internet radio to help distract and relax you during your visit.

If you find that your anxiety is more severe, you may be a candidate for sedation dentistry. Options such as nitrous oxide and oral sedation are available for patients who have had negative experiences or struggle with dental anxiety. Rest assured, we’re here to ensure your dental experience is as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Addressing Dental Anxiety is Our Priority:

Understanding and addressing your dental anxiety is our priority. We begin by listening to your past experiences, encouraging you to share any concerns or fears you may have. By gaining insight into what has caused discomfort or distress in the past, we can create a more relaxed and comfortable environment tailored to your needs.

During your appointment, if you feel uncomfortable or anxious, we pause the procedure right away. This allows us to better understand your feelings and determine the best approach for moving forward. We believe that open communication is essential for providing the most positive dental experience possible.

Building trust and easing anxiety may take time, and we’re committed to investing the necessary effort to ensure your comfort and peace of mind throughout your dental visits.

Addressing Dental Anxiety is Our Priorit

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At Valencia DC, we offer a comprehensive range of dental services for both adults and children, ensuring top-notch care in a safe environment.

Our team goes the extra mile to ensure your comfort and satisfaction with our treatments. If you’re seeking the best care for dental anxiety, schedule your appointment today with one of our knowledgeable specialists.

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Regular dental checkups are essential for maintaining optimal oral health. Whether it’s been six months or longer since your last visit, Valencia DC provides safe, comfortable, and convenient dental exams with our team of qualified professionals.

What Our Clients Say

— Jenna M
“I’ve struggled with dental anxiety for years, but Valencia DC changed everything. From the moment I walked in, I felt at ease and comfortable.”
Austin M
— Anna D
“Valencia DC truly understands dental anxiety. They provide a calming atmosphere and take the time to address any fears or concerns.”

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Dental anxiety can impact individuals of all ages, from those who’ve had traumatic dental experiences to children fearful of procedures and adults avoiding dental visits altogether.
Absolutely. The American Dental Association reports that over 75% of Americans experience some form of fear before undergoing complex dental procedures involving pain, often leading to avoidance of dental visits. However, at Valencia DC, our professional, caring dentists can change your perspective, alleviating your fears and eliminating dental anxiety.
Several factors contribute to dental anxiety, primarily stemming from past negative experiences. Traumatic toothaches and inadequate dental care from previous dentists can exacerbate fears and anxieties.
Certainly. Common symptoms include nervousness, physical discomfort, difficulty sleeping, feelings of trauma, and trouble breathing.